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3T MRI and CT at WVI's Medical Imaging Facility

Siemens 3T MRI

Our 3T magnet offers twice the signal-to-noise ratio of a 1.5T MR scanner. This allows the MAGNETOM to deliver unsurpassed diagnostic detail and provide you with comprehensive MR exams from head to toe.

Higher spatial resolution at 3T is the key to better diagnostic accuracy. Small tumors or stenoses, previously undetected, are now identified and can be treated in the earliest stages.

Willamette Valley Imaging

Siemens MRI — Magnetom Trio 3T High Field. Unmatchable accuracy, shorter exam times, and a higher level of patient comfort, the MAGNETOM offers all this and more.

Specialized applications provide a complete range of clinical protocols for virtually all clinical questions. Willamette Valley Imaging Center will provide the most comprehensive imaging services of the following:

2D and 3D protocols for MR Angiography studies will provide superior imaging and visualization of the arteries and veins.

We care about our patients' comfort as well as their health. Our Short-Bore design is ideal for claustrophobic patients. Also integrated is Siemens’ TIM Technology which provides increased patient comfort, no repositioning, and faster scan times.

Willamette Valley Imaging

Toshiba CT—Aquilion 16: The featured CT system of Willamette Valley Imaging Center

Toshiba Aquilion 16 Slice CT

Toshiba’s CT—Aquilion 16 Slice is at the forefront of the CT multi-slice revolution, giving Willamette Valley Imaging Center’s physicians unprecedented power and flexibility.

Toshiba’s breakthrough Quantum detector allows for the acquisition of volumetric CT data at a high speed with superb spatial resolution.

The Aquilion 16 also features the new Megacool X-ray tube which essentially eliminates tube cooling delays no matter how heavy the patient load.

High speed gantry rotation and innovative software places the Aquilion 16 firmly in the forefront of CT performance. Whether used for specialized applications or for routine scans, the Aquilion offers unsurpassed image quality at the fastest speeds.

Only Aquilion offers clinicians 16 0.5mm slices with each gantry rotation, ideal for cerebral, stroke, and angiographic studies.